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Fixing Fluorescent Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I fix Fluorescent light? I recently installed 4(2 bulb) fluorescent lights -about a month ago. They worked fine til recently one bulb in one light went out. Replaced bulb same thing??? New fixtures so no "starter". If ballast was bad wouldn't it affect both bulbs?
    • ANSWER:
      Its not the Ballast first of all. Sometimes bulbs will go bad fast depending on shipping mishandling where inner filaments are damaged some or manufacturers. Just replace both bulbs instead of just 1. See how long it will last. If they burn out again then you have a short in the end connectors. Dont bother changing the ballasts.I recommend a return for a totally new fixture before the manufacturer warranty runs out.
    How do I fix the noise on fluorescent lights? I checked all the light bulbs but still hear a loud buzz/humm. The lights are across the entire room on both sides, giving wonderful mood lighting, but the noise is too annoying. Any thoughts as to how to fix this problem? Thank you
    • ANSWER:
      The noise that you hear is from the ballast within each light. As they age the ballast begin to buzz. You can change them out by removing the bulbs and the cover plate. You'll see where all the wires are connected to the ballast. Good luck.
    Need to fix fluorescent kitchen lights- fixtures not lighting up completely. Any ideas? I bought new bulbs for my 2 kitchen lights thinking my bulbs were burned out but they're still not working right. I have a round fluorescent light fixture as well as a fixture that contains 6 very long lights. I turn the switch on & it turns on but very very faintly like it's not getting enough power or something. Is this something I can fix myself or should I call an electrician? I don't have too much experience with this stuff but do have a little bit of general knowledge. Any ideas anyone?
    • ANSWER:
      You probably have an old fixture with a magnetic ballast driving T12 bulbs. T12 means 12/8ths of an inch, in other words 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Virtually all such fixtures, standard before about 1988, are driven by a magnetic ballast that lasts at least 25 years (often much longer) but is fairly inefficient and makes an annoying flicker. Bulbs driven by magnetic ballasts strobe at 60 times a second, the same speed as AC power. Your ballast, or the starter which is really a replaceable part of the ballast, is dying, and should be replaced. Switch to a fixture with T8 bulbs (one inch in diameter) driven by an electronic ballast, which will strobe at about 20,000 times a second. That will eliminate your flicker and give you better lighting and better efficiency (since a 4 foot T8 uses between 25 and 34 watts, rather than 40, per bulb, to put out the same amount of light.) A new shop light type fixture currently costs .50 at Home Depot, so it doesn't make sense to just replace the ballast alone and fiddle with the wiring. Since every T8 fixture is electronic, and strobes at that fast rate, all you have to do is look for a T8 fixture. If your current fixture is hard wired, you might have to have someone a little bit handy in to put in a terminal box to plug the new fixture in, or buy a hard wired fixture for about , but it's worth it. I assume you have one of those recessed box part-of-the-ceiling type kitchen arrangements, with a 'lens' (see through plastic sheeting) between you and the lights, so no one will ever see what kind of fixture you put up there. You don't need to get anything pretty. Once you've done that, I'd recommend getting full spectrum bulbs for your new long fixture - try Unfortunately, as far as I know, you can't replace the round fixture with a similar electronic ballast type fixture. No one makes an electronic-ballast version of a Circline fixture. You might just have to live with that until it completely dies, or replace it with a compact fluorescent (which fits a regular light socket), wiring up a regular closet-type ceramic socket, but that would also require a little rewiring. No help for that. Or if you're willing to do the drywalling and painting required, you could put in a recessed can fixture, with a compact fluorescent in there. I'm hardly an electrician, but this isn't much of a challenge if you're willing to get into the wiring a little. You'll get instructions in any new fixture on how to wire it into your existing setup.
    How can I fix my Fluorescent light? I have a fluorescent light in my bathroom. It started to flicker so I replace the light bulbs. Two weeks later, it is doing it again? What is the problem? How do I fix it?
    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you need a new ballast, the black rectangular object inside the fixture. Turn off the light, remove the lamp/s and pan. Inside you will see a ballast with 8 wires. Disconnect the black and white wires. Now cut the red, blue and yellow wires, about 6 inches from the ballast. Remove the ballast supporting screw and the ballast will come out. It is heavier than it appears, so be ready. It may also be leaking a tarry substance, avoid touching this. Make note of the numbers on the ballast (eg. F40 - T12) and dispose of it. Install a ballast with the same markings. Connect the wires colour to colour, 1 red to 1 red, 1 blue to 1 blue, 1 yellow to 1 yellow and the same with the rest. Last connections are white to white and black to black. Use marrettes to make these joints. (Be sure to pick up new lamp/s and 6 # 31 marrettes when buying the ballast.) Reinstall the pan and lamps. That's it, hit the switch.
    Fixing a burnt out a compact fluorescent light bulb? I have been buying these CFL light bulbs to save energy even though they cost more and they never even make it close to the life of a normal bulb. So when one of them burnt out the other day I took it apart and it had a circuit board in it so I put a new circuit board out of a new CFL in it and the old light bulb lit right up. So I was wondering if anyone knows what has to be replaced on the circuit board to make it work again.
    • ANSWER:
      Look at where they are made. When I first went to CFL I bought the cheapest and they lasted about as long as a regular bulb. Now I buy only from name brands and none made in China. Some of those have been in use for more than 5 years. Also if you turn the light off and on often, a CFL may not be the best bulb.
    When it rains fluorescent lights don't work? I know it sounds crazy but whenever it rains or there is humidity in the air my lights won't come on. I have one over the kitchen sink and the other is a 4 bulb fluorescent in the ceiling. Any advise would be appreciated. I have been told it's the ballasts but I don't want to buy them if it doesn't fix the problem. Many thanks Jeanne
    • ANSWER:
      If your house has a lot of humitidy, the connections at the bulb socket might have oxidized is the only thing I would think would cause this. Do you have any other electrical problems when it rains? You might also have water damage in your meter or panel box. If this persists call an electrical contractor in your area to have it checked out. go here to find someone in your area or check the phone book
    fluorescent lights on a powerhouse x10 blink at night? when I turn my fluorescent lights out at night, I notice the ones that are connected to a powerhouse x10 module blink about once per second. will a different module fix this? Will this wear out the bulb prematurely?
    • ANSWER:
      X10 lamp modules should not be used with fluorescent lights. You need an appliance module. Highly recommend the Smarthome website for X10 products. Dimmable fluorescent lights are now available and Smarthome offers compatible X10 modules. Links provided below~
    How do I fix an undercabinet fluorescent light that won't remain lit? I turn it on and it comes on. But a little while later, it goes out. None of the other ones in the kitchen do this. What is the remedy?
    • ANSWER:
      Try replacing the bulb, if that doesn't work it is probably a bad ballast. Usually the ballasts are not easily replaceable on these smaller models so you might be replacing the whole light.
    i need to fix my fluorescent light? The two little prongs on the end and a little wooden thing holding them kinda broke and fell out so they wont stay still when i just try to put it in its place. (the just bend over) and i know that it still lights up cuz it lit up for about a second. does anybody know anyway to kinda make them stay still? i cant buy another one because its a very expensive black light ( about 0) so thats out of the option.
    • ANSWER:
      If you are speaking of the pins on the ends of your bulb, they are anchored to the base by epoxy glue. You may be able to re-glue the pins using the same method. Just take your time and just use enough epoxy to do the job. Let it set for at least 24 hours before attempting to reinsert the bulb back into the socket. I'm sorry but I'm not aware of a "little wooden thing" on a fluorescent bulb. Good luck!
    I have Fluorescent lights in two rooms of my house. All but one fixture is not working properly.? When I lift the switch to turn them on, they usually only turn on dimly. If I turn them off and on about 7 times in a row they will come on normally -but not always. At other times I can slap the side of the fixture and then it will work properly. How can I fix it?
    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like the ballasts or starters are bad. Make sure the bulbs are installed correctly, but I am thinking the ballasts or starters are bad,
    i have one circuit going to my shed. when i turn the fluorescent lights on the radio gets static. ? i think it's caused by the harmonics but how could i fix it?
    • ANSWER:
      check your ground wire, but it is most probably due to the electrical noise given off by the fluorescent light, have you tried moving the radio about your shed? is it just when you turn it on, or is it constant static from the minute you switch it on till the minute you switch it off? most likely cause is the placement of the radio in relation to the live wires in your shed, as these give off a electromagnetic field (E.M.F.) , try moving the radio across to the other side of the shed, and see if it improves hope this helps will
    How can we determine the numbers of fluorescent light fixtiures needed for a fixed area and fixed height? The numbers of fluorescent light fixtures that should be installed in a room to give suitable amount of light according to the standards specifications is required.
    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the number and type of fluorescent lamps in each fixture, the mounting height of the fixtures, the reflectance of the surfaces in the room, the dimensions of the room, and the coefficient of utilization of the fixtures, as well as the required footcandles, and at what height above the floor those footcandles should be measured. But you'll come out ABOUT 1 fixture for each 56 sq ft (each fixture assumed to have 4 ea 4-ft 40-watt fluorescent lamps. here's a lighting layout estimator
    Shattered Fluorescent lamp bulb. Do we clean everything? We were fixing a kitchen light and had to replace those fluorescent light bulbs (the long tube ones you see in offices and schools), and one shattered over the sink and some shards got onto clean dishes. Do I have to rewash and clean everything? I heard these bulbs have mercury in them.
    • ANSWER:
      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, clean everything. I know it will take some time, but it's worth it.The big fat ones had a lot of mercury in them. (T-12) The newer ones (T-8) don't have any. This is why the old ones are being phased out.
    How do I fix this fluorescent light? I have a fluorescent light in my kitchen over the sink. A week or so ago it started flickering for quite a long time before it lit. Then it started to flicker intermittently while it was lit. This evening I was cleaning up from dinner and the light just went out with a cloud of blue smoke. The bulb now just lights right at the ends. (I am, or course, not using it anymore.) What do I do with this? The light is built in to the ceiling. Under the cover there is the bulb which connects with four pins into the socket. There is also a silver can with a hole in it next to the bulb. I'm concerned with the smoke that came out of the fixture.
    • ANSWER:
      Ok It sounds like the starter went out on you,and you need to replace it,and the bulbs.If you grab the bulb with your finger tips,about 4" from each end,and turn the bulb a 1/4 turn the bulb shuld pull down out of the socket.There should be a round silver thing that looks kind of like a battery.Grab it with your fingers,and twist it a 1/3 turn,and it should pull out.Go to hardware store,and get new bulbs,and a starter exactly like the ones that came out.Put the new ones back in,and turn on the switch.If all went well your light is working fine.If not,you might need a ballast,and if so,that is another problem.
    how do i fix my fluorescent light? my light bulb gets a soft red hue at the ends only- i cant seem to get any actual light from it though- i twist and turn and hear a popping noise and am guessing that is the point i should keep it at but why then am i getting no light even with new bulbs??? ty
    • ANSWER:
      If it is just a generic light it will be cheaper to replace the entire light fixture. But it it is a custom fixture, just go to an electricial store and buy a new ballast. It could be a ballast or it could be you are using the new 34 watt green tubes (identified by the green ends) in an older light with a ballast that can't handle the mismatch. Older lights used 40 watt tubes that are no longer made. The new ballast can handle both types. Another problem could be if you have a very old light and it requires a starter to fire the bulb. And it could be bad. Mike
    how to fix flickering 12v lights in RV? I friend runs a mobile vet clinic and she has 12v fluorescent lights overhead. After a few minutes, they start to flicker and then crap out. They're all tied to the same switch. Is it just a bad bulb that is throwing off the bunch or should I be looking for something else?
    • ANSWER:
      clean the switch contacts, and the battery cables,scrub until theres brite shiny metal, check to see if theres corrosion inside the cables near the battery,they may need to be replaced
    How do I fix the power button/switch on my aquarium fluorescent strip light? It's a Perfecto brand 72" strip lights. When i press the button, it doesn't click stop anymore. The lights start to go on when i press it, but when i release it, it turns off. And when i do manage to turn on the lights after several tries, its hard to turn it back off.
    • ANSWER:
      The contacts on the switch might be either loose or corroded due to water. If could simply replace the switch. You cay buy one of those switches at Home Depot or Lowes.
    Fluorescent lights change my whole face!? At home while getting ready my skin looks fine, my pores aren't very visible, and my face color is even. When I get to school and look at my face in the mirror under fluorescent lighting, my whole appearance changes! Every little flaw on my face is brought out! And ideas on what is happening? Or how I can fix this? I don't have any acne, but my pores are medium sized, and my faces coloring tends to get a bit uneven at times.
    • ANSWER:
      Whats happening? Basically the Fluorescent light is most likely brighter then the light at your house.. This will show up evey little blackhead, scar and pimple..
    Fluorescent lights killing my eyes!? I absolutely hate going out to the store because when I do I get dizzy, my eyes get really red & burn, i get a migraine and I can concentrate on anything. This also happened to me at work, I would get so dizzy that sometimes I would feel like I was about to fall down it became so bad I had to quit my job. and also when I was in school I couldn't read books because the words seemed like they where jumping of the page it would be really frustrating and this is all happening from fluorescent lights If someone could help me out or has advice they could give me to fix this problem that would be great!! Thank you!
    • ANSWER:
      I just want to share suggestions to you to overcome your eyes problem. I had the same problem with you where when i look at the light, i my eyes become reddened,full of pressure and my head like a stone put on there.What i do when i got this problem is to wash my head with water and to exercise my eyes by looking at green color such as the green tree.Try to take carrot as your daily diet.
    Is it normal for a fluorescent light bulb to last 9 years with heavy daily use? I don't guess this is a parenting question, but do any of you know? My kitchen lights are 16 feet up and I am having a handy man fix the fan today and while he is up there on the ladder I wonder if I should have him change them. They were here when we got the house, so I don't know how long they have been working, but at least 9.5 years. They are super bulbs I guess....What is the normal life of a kitchen light, lol?
    • ANSWER:
      We have had our house 5 years now, and our lights still work. Not sure how long before us they were put in. I would go a head and have him change the bulbs if you have the money for them, and if there is a casing around it ask him to bring it down so you can clean it.
    Why do my new fluorescent light bulbs flick when I turn the switch off? I recently bought fluorescent light bulbs to change the old ones. At night, when I turn the switches off I can see some of the new bulbs flickering. Why is this happening? What can I do to fix it? Additional info: The switch does not make any sound or buzz. It didn't happen with my old incandescent light bulbs. They keep doing this indefinitely (I see them flicking at dawn) My flat is old and so I guess the electrical wiring is old as well
    • ANSWER:
      Start by replacing the switches, simple job, two wires, your done. It sounds like the switch is going bad and is not completely turning off. If you don't understand all the safety concerns about working with electricity, find someone that does and get them to do it.
    Why can't they make fluorescent light less white? Couldn't they change the color on the bulb itself, or change the gasses inside? Fluorescent light is really ugly compared to incandescent light, I'm just wondering why it's so hard to fix.
    • ANSWER:
      They do. They are available in "cool white" which is more the "bright white" that you are talking about, and they are available in "warm white" which has a more yellow/warm tone to it. Those tones are available in virtually all forms of flourescent bulbs now, from sticks to floods and lamp bulbs.
    fluorescent shop light wont light up unless i jiggle the bulbs. how can i fix this? When i pull the chain nothing happens. I have to mess with the tubes to get them to light. Have had this problem since day 1. Any suggestions?
    • ANSWER:
      Usually it's the recepticals at the ends of the fixture. Turn the breaker off for safety and with the bulb out try to tighten the metal where the bulb pins make contact or perhaps the receptical itself is loose in the fixture.
    how to remove & fix a fluorescent tube? i have problem with fixing a new fluorescent lamp,i have change the starter & the fluorescent lamp...i tried switching on the lights but no light at i fixing the lamp wrongly?i have no problem with the starter,just the fluorescent lamp... sry about that...just want to know if i fix the lamp wrongly,will it cause it not to light up.
    • ANSWER:
      i'm a little confused w/your question but, first of all if it's new why not just take it back and swap it out for on that works. if you want to keep going, is this a plug end or are you doing the wiring at the source...if so make sure you are following the colors right, black/white/green all have match right w/today's electronic ballasts or they won't work right. next make sure you are getting the pins in right in the sockets, they can be tricky and lastly, if you've don all that put you hand on the ballast when it's plugged in, it should feel slightly warm or semi hot, if itdoesn'tt then the ballast is no good.
    Fluorescent ballast question? I have a two bulb T12 fluorescent light fixture and for some reason only one bulb lights up. I changed bulbs to rule out a burnt bulb but it did not fix the problem. Only one side lights up while the other does not. When I turn it on it does not make any noise that I can hear and turns on without a problem. It' just one side does not turn on. Does that mean I have to replace the ballast? Or could it be just be a wiring issue?
    • ANSWER:
      Replace the Starter when: The fluorescent lamp lights only at the ends. Replace the Fluorescent Lamp when: the lamp blinks continuously. Replace the Ballast when: The light is completely out and you are sure the lamp is good. I would say it is the ballast. Be sure to take your old one into the store with you for a match up. You would be surprised how many different ones there are. All look the same but are very different.
    I installed a fluorescent light and it won't turn on.? We just installed new fluorescent light bulbs in the bathroom, but the light doesn't turn on; it flickers but never completely engages. What can I do to fix this? Is there maybe a certain direction that the bulb is supposed to be put in? We installed this light and tried everything we could, but it still only flickers. I don't think there is anything wrong with the starter, but we can't figure out the problem. Could the wattage be wrong? Does it has to be a specific wattage to work?
    • ANSWER:
      You may have the bulbs installed incorrectly, and the bulb is not making a good contact, or you might have a short in the unit.
    Our fluorescent tube light switches off after about an hour or so. If I turn off the switch for 5-10 minutes? and then switch on, it starts.... Can I fix the problem without investing again on another tube light frame?
    • ANSWER:
      The problem may be in the bulb or the starter or the baluster, depending on a few things. If the end of the bulb is starting to turn black it MAY then be the bulb. If you have a screw in starter (small silver cylinder) then it is probably the starter. If you have no starter and the bulb is not turning black then the baluster may be starting to go bad. It shuts off because it is overheating. Turning it off and then back on let it cool down. You can just replace the baluster. But by the time you hire an electrician (if you can't do it yourself) a new fixture might be cheaper (if you can install the new one yourself.
    Is it possible to change the color temperature of a linear fluorescent lamp by dimming it ? I have three lamps, let me say t5 fluorescent, that have different color temperatures and I would like to get a desired color temperature by dimming them at different rates? I know that fluorescent lamps have fixed color temperatures but is it possible? If not how can i set up such a lighting circuit rather than using incandescent lamps? Cold cathode maybe? or LED ?
    • ANSWER:
      what about using coloured cellophane it will resist the heat of a flourescent and there are many different colours to chose from as well as how much is used along the length,its difficult to dim flourescent lights but not imposible with special circuits-as much as i know?
    What to do with our light (fluorescent bulb)? Everytime we turn it off, it will not work if I turn it on again. I have to climb up and turn the bulb to make it light up again. What is wrong? What will I do to fix this?
    • ANSWER:
      As already stated: 1) Try Brand new bulbs. If the old ones are t12's, replace them with t12's. NOT t8's. If they are t8's do NOT replace them with t12's. 2) Next thing would be the starter, IF there is one. It's silver, round and (usually) goes into the side of the fixture. It "rotates" to either remove or replace. Lowe's, Home Depot and most other good hardware stores stock them. 3) Last, but not least is the ballast. If you end up replacing it, make sure that the bulbs you get WILL go with the ballast. and yes, if the bulbs end's start to turn gray, black or brown, it's time to replace them. Good luck in all you do and may God bless.
    Orange flourescent tube lights? I have a pair of 2 fluorescent tube lights that wont light up correctly. When I turn the switch on, the ends of the tubes dimly glow orange. What does this mean and how do I fix it? Please help ASAP.
    • ANSWER:
      It is a little hard to specify exactly without seeing the the ballast type, but this is characteristic of 1 1/12" (F40T12) lamps, the ballast needs to heat the cathodes at the end of the lamp to allow the arc to be established. If you can see cathodes glowing then that end is good, but the other end may have failed. If all 4 ends glow then the ballast has failed and cannot establish the arc, or if your fixture is really old it may have an " fs-4 starter" that has failed. If it is a failed fs-4 style starter with the power on and lamps installed try twisting the starter out, if the lamps start then the starter is definitely the fault. It could also mean you have put in the wrong lamps, and the ballast is not capable of operating the lamps you have installed, check the label on the ballast and only use lamps that specifically match.
    I live in apt in state inspection ppl wants to remove flurocent light from the wall?why? I live in Apt in NJ.Every five years they have state inspection conducted.I have fluorescent light that I fix on my wall.I have make them very secure,but they wants me to remove.I don't see any really fire hazard from that and other side they don't mind for those loose wires that all ways hang from our TV,VCR or any appliances you may have.To me its more dangerous then my fluorescent light.Don't you think this is really stupid?
    • ANSWER:
      Because those lights do not meet state building code. That was not a request, that is an order to remove them Failure to do so means eviction, fines and possibly jail time.
    Fixing a 28W 2D Main Luminair Lighting ( ceiling )? At my place I got a light on a ceiling that went dark! That Luminair lighting doesnt require a Starter ( not the usual ones you can just screw-in ). I put a new fluorescent light bulb in and checked the electricity! All seem to work fine! But the light is still not working! Do I have to adjust something underneath the shade ( under the cover of the bulb )? This light has the usual positive, negative and neutral pole on it and beside those cable fittings is a big box, which might contain some form of starter. But its hard to get into that little box! Well the light bulb blew one day and now it wont turn on again ( with a new bulb )! I hate those lights without those obvious starters to change!
    • ANSWER:
      Replace the Ballast
    Town home lights started to flicker a few days ago. What could be the cause? My family and I live in a three story town home. We've been living here since December '08. It has a open floor plan but the kitchen isn't connected. Monday night the lamps in the living room and the dining room chandelier started to flicker. It kept doing so throughout the night. Tuesday my bedroom lights were flickering but I couldn't tell if they were doing so downstairs. Last night the lights in the living and dining room did the same thing. This is the only thing. The computers and televisions throughout didn't flicker at all thank goodness. A electrician came out yesterday for our microwave. Over a month ago it tripped the power four times. This happened off and on whenever we would use the microwave. Unfortunately the last time the microwave was in use died out for a few minutes then came back on. Our landlord replaced it with the same brand and this microwave killed out for a few seconds just like the first. I told the electrician who came out yesterday to fix the problem about the flickering lights. Since he saw the lights in the kitchen flicker he just stated that it was the fluorescent lights doing that. We have two sets of lights, one a fan and the other the fluorescent lights. They both were flickering but he just paid attention the fluorescent lights. If there was a problem with the circuit box wouldn't the electrician notice that? I'm not electricity savvy and I won't touch nothing electric. What could be the cause of our lights flickering? Any stupid answers such as a poltergeist or ghost will automatically get a thumbs down. If this will be your answer, don't bother answering it.
    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have a loose connection somewhere in the circuit it could be the Hot wire or the neutral it could be at the distribution panel or in a junction box If it affected the whole house or apartment I would say it could be the service however you said its just certain lights. I would locate which circuit breaker those lights are on and turn it off then check all my connection on switches, wire nuts circuit breakers and neutral bar. Usually that is the problem and loose connections cause fires! If they were on arc suppression circuits they most likely would trip that circuit have them checked if you feel you are not qualified.
    Fluorescent Light fixture *Hum* grounding Issue? I installed three new 48" fluorescent light fixtures in my shop. My shop is a metal style carport garage. I wired them in using normal household 14-awg wire in the standard white/black/bare solid copper wire. The black and white went to the ballast and the bare copper wire went to the green ground wire that just grounds to the body of the fixture. All three lights are on one string of wire connected to a light switch and then going to the breaker box with their own 15-amp breaker. The light fixtures are mounted directly to the metal framing of the garage with a 3/8" thick by 1" wide universal automotive weatherstripping in 48" strips so the metal fixture case don't come into contact to the metal framing of the garage. The lights have been hooked up for a few days now but I just got bulbs today. When I turn the lights on the fixtures buzz/hum quite loud. When I read the manual that came with the fixtures it says that a buzz/hum could be caused from a bad ground. If it is a bad ground I don't see what I did wrong. I used all new 14awg wire, and installed them on a their own 15-amp breaker. Ive checked all the connections at the breaker box and light fixtures and light switch they are all connected. So my questions are: Could this be just because the lights are new? Or it's 40*f here, Could cold weather cause them to hum? If it is a grounding issue, Should I take the bare copper (green) ground and connect it to the metal framing of the garage as well as the fixture case? OR what other things can I do to fix the ground (if that is the issue)? BTW: The "hum" is not the normal fluorescent light hum, This is quite loud, Ive never herd one this loud before. Thanks for your time! ***responce to answers*** It IS grounded all the way to the box. Im sure the box is grounded to the earth because it just passed inspection in july when I bought the house. I forgot to mention, the breaker box is the house's breaker box. I have two power leads from the main house breaker box to the shop. One for plugs and one for lights. Both are wired with outdoor grade 12 awg wire and then connected in the shop to the indoor 14awg wire. They are cheap lowe's light fixtures. Im 99% sure they are indoor lights. I never figured tempture would effect the lights. I figured indoor = Dry outdoor = wet. Never thought about the tempature. Thanks for the help.
    • ANSWER:
      Do you have a sub panel in this shop I think that is what I am reading here. You say two hot wires then you have to have a neutral and if you do not have a fourth wire then you do not have a ground in this shop. Or do you have two 12/2 w/ grounds ran to the shop and if this is the case then you do have two circuits and two neutral and two grounds. If you do have 2 12/ 2 wires ran then you do have a ground and you said all connections are tight. So now if you do have proper grounding then you can go to the next step. I would venture to say to undo one light at a time and turn them on after you have taken one off the circuit, it could be one has a bad ballast or even loose on the mounting device. If you can eliminate the one that is bad or loose you have done what you asked. Look on the ballast it should tell you a F or C rating this is how cold the ballast will work to. Some ballast do not work below freezing and some ar rated at -20 degrees. They do make a light ballast that goes outside called high output ballast but you would be better off not to spend this kind of money in a shed for this purpose. I have purchased cheap lights that are rated for -20 F and they work fine for the most part. Maybe you just do not have the lights tight or the ballast are loose as I said in the light and this could be your problem as well. Good Luck :)
    Why do my legs look all splotchy and discolored when I stand? At home (no fluorescent lights) my legs get discolored when I stand; they get all splotchy red and weird. My knees always have the most of the weird ugly color. At school, my legs are splotchy purple and my knees are really purple. The fluorescent lights at school really heighten that ugly color. But, when I sit down for a while, my legs turn to a normal even tone; but when I stand up again they get splotchy quick. Why is this? Is it bad circulation? Can I fix it?
    • ANSWER:
      I have the exact same thing. People are always saying "Wow! Your legs are like purple!" I've gone to the doctor to have mine checked out, and I have very poor circulation throughout my body., (I have it all over my body). Most likely you do have bad circulation. A way to help when you sit, is to not cross your legs, sit Indian style, or straighten your legs for too long. Sitting this way only makes your legs go numb and lose circulation easier. When you sit, just move your legs every once in a while. Compression stockings can help as well. They provide support to the veins, which can help them to pump blood back to the heart. Soaking your legs and feet in warm water for at least 15 minutes a day helps as well. The water helps your blood vessels relax, which help with circulation. I recommended, when you're at home, just elevate your legs above your heart for at least 30 minutes. So just sit back, elevate your legs higher than your chest, & watch tv =] Chiropractors and massages are also great for poor circulation since chiropractors help with the flow of the body, and massages help manually with circulation. Don't smoke, try to stay away from condensed milk products (white refined flour in them, caffeine, & red meat.) For some people, eating more garlic, drinking grape juice, & taking more vitamin E has been known to help. And, or course, exercising & eating right can help as well. If you're not a big exercise person (like me) walk in place while you watch tv for 30 minutes, then elevate your legs for another 30 minutes. Hope it helps =] it's helped me a lot.
    changed out old fluorescent light fixture to new ones? changed out old fluorescent light fixture to new ones old ones had two ballast and the new one has one ballast hooked the new lights the same way as the old ones and the lights wont turn on it's 2 sets of lights on a 2 way switch. what can i do to fix it? the old lights were t12 the new ones are t8, so there is is t8 lights in the new fixture, the lights do work to trouble shoot I hooked up the lights white to white & black to black, when done i turn the power on lights come on and switch does not affect the lights, when hooked up the other way i put black to black and white to red, turn power on lights are off and switch does not affect the lights. Do i need to hook up black to red and white to white?
    • ANSWER:
      Did you buy new lamps? If you bought a new fixture, it takes T8 (or T5) lamps. Chances are good that your old fixture took T12 lamps. These do not work well (or not at all) with new electronic ballasts. If I'm wrong, update the question
    Fluorescent Lighting In Kitchen? A couple of years ago, I purchased my first place. But now that means I have to do my own maintenance. No more calling the maintenance man from the apartment complex to fix things. The home improvement stores love to see us single women come there, because they "know" most of us don't know what we are doing. Dang it to the 10th power!!! The fluorescent lights have gone out or more or less flickering and not providing enough light in my kitchen and I'm trying to figure out how to replace them. There are two bulbs in the ceiling. I pulled on them slightly and they wouldn't budge. I'm afraid to tug harder for fear of messing up the ceiling outlet. Am I supposed to be twisting them out of there or doing something else? Dang. I hate to have to call someone and pay for something like this. Can someone help me? I need to replace the bulbs, but I can't seem to pull the old ones out. The bulbs are straight. The bulbs have a black rim around them on one end. I guess they are spent.
    • ANSWER:
      There are a couple of types of fluorescent lamps. One has two pins and the other is spring loaded single pin. For the 2 pin style one should twist the lamp 90 degrees and the lamp should pull free. Be careful not to exert too much pull as the lamps will fracture and douse you with glass. Don't stand directly under lamp to avoid and glass or residue. TURN FIXTURE OFF before doing anything. The spring loaded lamps can be removed by pushing one way or the other about half an inch and pulling down. Wearing gloves would be a good idea. Careful examination of lamp holders will tell you which type lamp you have. The double pin holder will have a small gap on the bottom of the holder to allow bulb change. The spring loader single pin holder will be solid on the bottom. If you break a lamp don't panic or jump down quickly. Wait a couple of seconds and avoid crushing glass into your floor or cutting yourself. I used to place a trash can near the bottom of the ladder so I could dispose of the lamp with a minimun of handling. The powder inside the lamp can be harmful if ingested. Not likely to happen.
    How do you stop the annoying buzz from a fluorescent fixture? I have some under-the-cupboard fluorescent fixtures in my kitchen. One fixture is buzzing and it's very annoying. I switched the bulb and it seems to be worse. Should I replace the ballast (is it that little metal cylinder you can unscrew) or what's the fix to this? I can't afford to buy updated lighting, so that's not an answer. Thank you.
    • ANSWER:
      use an electronic ballast and bulbs to match the ballast. what kind of fluorescent is it? how long are the bulbs? try amazon for the ballast and bulbs. the home centers usually only have them in standard sizes.
    Fluorescent light flickers while off. How do I fix it? I just replaced a regular candescent fixture in my garage with a double T8 4 foot long flurescent light fixture. One of the bulbs flickers constantly for hours while the switch is off. I actually replaced the switch.. same problem. Replaced the bulb... same problem. Both the light and switch are grounded. There is another new exact fluorescent fixture on the circuit which works fine. Thanks!!! Thanks so far for the great advice. It sounds like I've got a wire switched somewhere. So my new fluorescent fixtures each have a black, red, and green wire. Black gets hot, correct? If the black and red were switched, would it matter? Some fixtures I install only have 2 blacks (and the green). Thanks!!
    • ANSWER:
      Somewhere in the electrical system, there's a wire crossed, a neutral hooked to a hot side, or vise versa, that's causing a feedback situation for that one circuit. It wouldn't show up in an incandescent bulb socket, but it will with a florescent in it's place.
    Fluorescent (Swirly type) light bulb - problem w/Motion Sensor? I changed out the regular light bulb w/the swirly kind on the front porch. It's a motion sensing light and has always worked fine. With the new bulb, once the light goes on it stays on all night and I have to turn it off in the morning. I've tried all the switches, changing timing, distance, etc. Anyone have any ideas to fix? Thanks.
    • ANSWER:
      fluorescent bulbs are not recommended for motion detector lights. not mine anyway. put the old bulb back in and forget about it.
    How to fix this CENTURY flourescent LIGHTING System CG28? picture!? I have a little problem fixing this Lighting system on several locations! Its a CENTURY LIGHTING fluorescent light system with the model number CG28. Since the bulb burnt out I seem to cant get it back up again! The little fuse is still OK like you see on the pic the pilot light is on! The bulb has been exchanged and works! This light has no starter I could exchange, at least not the usual kind! Electricity is on! Still the light is not on! What can I do to fix this? This UK based light is quite a problem because I have several lights with the same problem!
    • ANSWER:
      You have a 2D emergency light fitting with combined starter/ballast/emergency change-over unit. As the charging led is on, in your link, then you would have both main and emergency supplies, even if all in one. If you have changed the 2D lamp with a known good lamp, then your emergency unit is defective, probably ran down the batteries, therefore won't light on main or battery power. To replace this emergency unit would probably cost as much as a new fitting complete. I know from experience that these fittings are anything but cheap, probably about £200+, but the emergency unit may cost you £100+. CG28 would indicate to me that it is a 28 watt lamp. If you really require an emergency light go for led, self dimming with pir detector about £230. Try ASD lighting Rotherham who use Phillips technology, not chinese. I've actually fitted one and it's great, but can't off hand remember the model No.
    Noisy office lights - what can I do? My office has two fluorescent light fittings which buzz very loudly. Occasionally they make so much noise they have to be turned off. Management don't appreciate the lights being off as it makes the building look unoccupied. Repeated requests to fix this problem are being ignored. The only answer I get now is "well I asked so-and-so to do it". So-and-so acknowledges the problem, but hasn't done anything about it. The noise is very difficult to work with. The problem is that they don't buzz as loudly all the time - I think the lights know when a manager walks in and shut up! Any suggestions as to what I can do with regard to making a formal complaint? Web searches have thus far turned up no answers I would be very grateful for any suggestions that don't involve hitting the damn things with a stick!
    • ANSWER:
      i feel sympathy for you - it's like suffering from bad toothache, which stops the minute you enter the dentist's office. if i walked in your shoes, i would have a serious word with so-and-so, before filing a formal complaint. make that person realize that the formal complaint will be your next step. in friendly words, please, do not threaten. another idea - is there a possiblitiy to engage so-an-so in your office with some sort of problem or question, which will keep him in your office for a longer amount of time?
    HELP!!!!!!!!I was trying to connect wires of a fluorescent light to a connector and something blew up? And now theres no electricity!!! what did I do?:S:S how can i fix it!!!
    • ANSWER:
      Based on your sparse info: 1) Disconnect the light and any other "connections" you made. 2) Reset the line's circuit breaker or replace the fuse, whichever is applicable..
    I need some help with my Fluorescent light fixture.? I have a Fluorescent light fixture that is in a cage that I fixed up for my tegu. The fixture was for a 33" tube. In order to make it useful for me I modified it so that it is 36" long so it could fix the standard size bulb. Then I found out that the starter used for the original tube wouldn't work because it was a F-2 and for a 36" tube I need a F-4. But when I got the F-4 no light come on at all. (with the f-2 and the tube in the light just flickers but doesn't come on) Is this because the ballast is of a different size or something, and if so can I just change that? Any help would be appreciated I really want to get this light working tegus need the uvb light. Thanks
    • ANSWER:
      The answer is probably the lamp type, T8 instant start lamps are not compatible with preheat starters/ballasts. Using Sylvania numbers a F30T8/CW and a FO25T8/741 are going to look the same, same number of pins, same length, but the cathode at the end of the lamp is different, you need the F30T8 for preheat fixture (lamps labeled preheat or rapid start), but good luck, these are 1950's technology. Changing to T12 rapid start will increase the lamp wattage beyond the ballast capability.
    Is there a way to overcome being extremely light sensitive? My optometrist said that I am the most light sensitive patient she has seen in all her twenty-two years of experience. No optometrist has been able to finish the flashlight test for a few years now. I starting going to public school almost three years ago and fluorescent lighting seems to really bother my eyes, but it's like everywhere! Even Walmart and church! I just want to know if there is a natural way or an easy way to fix that without tinted glasses.
    • ANSWER:
      The treatment for light sensitivity depends on the cause. Usually, if the light sensitivity is a symptom of an underlying eye problem such as cataract, then treatment for the cataract can solve the glare problem. Treating eye diseases, like uveitis, often means that the eye becomes less light sensitive. Unfortunately not all light sensitivity caused by eye problems can be treated. For example the light sensitivity caused by macular degeneration. If this is the case then other methods may be needed to help people cope with bright light. Other methods are there for coping with light sensitivity The most obvious way to cope with glare is to limit the amount of light that is entering the eye. Some people find shading their eyes with their hand or wearing a hat with a wide brim can help cut down on glare with little expense. Tinted lenses help to minimise the light entering the eye and so cut down on the amount of glare someone experiences. Sunglasses should have an UV filter so they also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The best lens will have protection against UVA and UVB light. Some people prefer to have light activated sunglasses, which get darker in brighter conditions, though this is a personal choice. Polarized lenses can cut down on reflected glare from flat surfaces, for example, light reflected off water or off the bonnet of a car. There are sunglasses, sometimes called solar or UV shields or wrap-around shades, which are larger than normal. They have built in sides which stop the light entering that way and they are also made to stop the light entering from above the eyes. They can also be worn over regular spectacles and come in a variety of tints. These can be very helpful but the fit of them is important. Everyone has a different shaped head and several pairs of wrap-around sunglasses should be tried to find the ones which fit closest and stop the most light from coming in around the edge of the frame. If you visit a low vision specialist they may be able to give you advice on coping with glare. They can talk to you about the best way to use lighting to avoid glare. This is especially important since it can be difficult to balance the amount of light someone with a sight problem needs for tasks such as reading and the fact that they may have a problem with glare. Some eye conditions can cause people to have great difficulty when moving between areas with different lighting levels. For example, when moving from sunlight into a dim room, or vice versa. It may be necessary to pause to put sunglasses on or to take them off and give the eyes time to adjust, and it is very important that the person does not feel rushed. Often, these changes in light levels occur at the entrance of buildings, this is particularly dangerous as there are often steps in these places. Many people with a sight problem need to use a task light for activities such as reading. The best lights for this type of task are adjustable lamps. The best position for an adjustable lamp, when you need more light for a task such as reading, is between you and what you want to look at, directed at the task, and below your eye level.
    can lighting and camera settings affect skintone? i forgot to ask how to fix this problem, if the lighting and camera settings are the one messing it around. (i take most of photos indoors under fluorescent light..?) i'm trying to photograph people and sometimes they turn out redder or darker than they actually are.
    • ANSWER:
      Yes they can. Different type of lights have different colour temperatures. Some will be cool some warm etc. for instance normal tungsten bulbs will give an orange cast. Fluorescent will give a green cast when using daylight film. If you are shooting digital then that can be corrected by using the correct white balance settings. here are a couple of sites which explain it
    I need a foundation that looks decent in fluorescent lighting? my school has fluorescent lighting, and you can see foundation gathered up in the pores and everything.. ive tried wearing almost none, mixing it with a little moisturizer to thin it out, and nothing worked to fix it.. as of now, i use maybelline mineral power in "light ivory" i have really white skin, and it was the lightest color i could find. i just want a foundation that works well on people with REALLY white skin and freckles, and is a reasonable price.. preferably, from walmart, target, or walgreens.
    • ANSWER:
      Revlon PhotoReady foundation. Revlon's PhotoReady collection is meant to make your skin look good under ANY lighting, and the color of the foundation is made so that it erases the look of all flaws. You can get it at any drugstore for -. They come in powder or original (they just call it makeup so I don't know what it's called. I think it's a liquid). The lightest colors they come in are Ivory and Vanilla. Get Ivory if you have cool undertones, and Vanilla if you have warm undertones. I've had Revlon's ColorStay powder foundation before, and the colors are lighter than they look. So just in case, you may want to get Shell (just one shade darker than Ivory). Here's the link: Hope I helped! Ciao! ♥, MiMi XOXO
    Why does my fluorescent light stop working after an hour or so? I bought two 4 foot shop light, lights of america model 8055 SS, and four T12 florecent lights to go with it. The lights worked for a few weeks, but then we couldn't get the lights to turn on. I thought that maybe it was the bulbs so i bought new ones. The lights would turn on, but then they would quit after a time. Now they don't even turn on when we pull the chain. I emailed the company customer service, but surprise, they have yet to respond. The lights were kept on for roughly 12 hours, at a temperature of about 65-70. Money is tight right now so i reeaaallly dont want to go out and buy a new system. If there is any way to fix it myself, i would love to know. Thanks so much for the help!
    • ANSWER:
      First make sure its turned off. Better yet turn the circuit breaker or pull the fuse for that circuit. Then carefully look at the plastic ends where the prongs for the lights slip into. Make sure they are seated in the fixture tight. Check to make sure they are not cracked. Also check the brass parts in the ends to see if they are making good contact. Not sure if this model uses a starter or just the ballast. A starter usually looks like a silver enclosed tube with two little prongs on it. Make sure this is seated in its place tightly too. Usually a little twist will release it. Finally check to make sure all the wires are all connected tight at any wire nuts and at the ends where the bulbs insertand where the house wiring connects. Finally make sure you are using the correct light for the fixture. If it came with bulbs always match the type of bulb with the replacement. There should also be a sticker on it someplace telling you what type to use and max wattage. If by any chance the ballast (big black box inside the fixture) went bad for some reason. Its just as cheap to buy a whole new light as to buy a new ballast. But if this is a brand new light it shouldn't be a bad ballast. If you still have the receipt take it back to where you bought it and get a replacement.
    new fluorescent fixture seen to reduce brightness of light for long periods? Ok ...I installed a new 4 ft Simkar fluorescent ceiling that uses 3 8 4 ft bulbs.I have bought a good brand which is skybright daylight output lumens/light color.The effect is very whitish and crisp but there is a slight problem.It seem to dim at certain long periods of time during just after sunset or at night.I know it is not my vision because these are not heap.It is bright and makes what is white look clean white in the daytime and when evening starts to dawn in around 5 or 6'ish it seem to slightly dull off some and I am wondering where all the brightness went? The old fixture used 2 40 watt fluorescent.I need to mention that I think the wire coming from the ceiling was short in reaching one side of lighting hook-up wire and I think it could be touching the top frame plus I had very little electrical tape..I was going to fix this been about 2 months. Could the hot and neutral be crossed or is it wiring touching frame or fixture itself? please help paid 0 thanx It uses 3 T8 bulbs.Other people have commented it look a little dim.when I remove the cover full brightness,funny... thanx
    • ANSWER:
      Relax, nothing is crossed. If your wires were crossed the breaker would have tripped as soon as you flipped the switch. Actually it sounds like an optical illusion, Flourescent bulbs put out their rated lumens, that's it. They do'nt sense light & change their brightness, it's an illusion, flourescent bulbs are known to play tricks on the eyes. Hope this helped, good luck!!
    Can a person fix a "throw-away" (non-ballast/dual transformer) fluorescent light fixture? My 48" garage fixture doesn't work on side. It does not have a ballast/silver little canisters. It is run off of 2 small transformers with a little breadboard containing a ceramic capacitor and some resistors. When I took the thing apart, I wasn't sure if the transformer on one side ran bulb 1 or bulb 2. Or if one transformer was in charge of both bulb sockets on either end. To me the wiring looks as if I would not be able to take 2 "one-bulb working" fixtures and make a "2 bulber" without having to throw both the onesies away and spending $ for a new one. Ive done the bulb swaps and even took out my multimeter to check voltage on each of the four contact pairs. I found that only one of the four had about 22-24v while the other 3 had something around 1-2v. Funny thing is one would think to expect both the contact ends for a single bulb to be reading the ~22v...and yet the bulb lights up. This is what is puzzling me and made me question the wiring of the fixture. As for the fixing of said fixture(s), I found 3 others in my garage which were the predecessors to the current one. They all have the same problem, making me think that I can frankenstein all four into 2 working fixtures. I will next test out the capacitors since the "trannys" don't seem burnt out. BTW the caps look like a totinos pizza roll. I would assume resistors are not faulty or burnt out.
    • ANSWER:
      have you tried new lamps or swapping over the lamps to see if the fault is in the ballast, i think you call that the transformer, sometimes the capacitor goes faulty and one side stops working, all fluros have ballasts to boost the voltage and a starter that gives it he initial stricking current, except for the newer electronic fluro fittings that dont need a starter and strike instantly. if your fitting has two"transformers" it has one for each tube,so if its really old and has two large "transformers"in it one of them is probably had it causing one side not to work. if you have a spare transformer that still works in the other fitting you should be able to take the working one out and replace it for the faulty one ,. sounds like a lot of hassle you should treat yourself to a new fitting that will last for years and be done with it.

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